Born in a rural village on the vast Argentina Pampas, Eva Perón rose from poverty and obscurity to inspire millions. As wife of President Juan Perón, she blazed across the political landscape, establishing social reforms that endeared her to the urban masses. Seen as a champion of the poor by some and as a manipulative opportunist by others, she called herself "a sparrow in a flock of sparrows." Tragically felled at the height of her power, Eva died at age 33. In death Eva remained a national obsession, an icon for both leftist guerrillas and right-wing extremists. Even today, mere mention of her name raises fierce passions in her homeland. Revered as a saint, reviled as a sinner; the distinction between her myth and her reality has blurred in the years since her passing.

Eva Perón's life inspired not only the classic music of Evita , but also the exceptional actors and filmmakers who brought their epic cinematic vision to the screen. In combining an award-winning score with an accurate, historical re-creation of Eva's life and times, they created a new art form. Years in the planning, Evita is the result of a monumental effort. Filmed in Buenos Aires, Budapest, and London with a crew of more than 600 and 40,000 extras, Evita is a film like no other. "We created something rare and beautiful," Madonna says, "and our lives will never be the same. "From myth to musical to movie, the saga of Evita continues to resonate throughout the world. It demonstrates the staying power of a story we love to tell again and again. The Myth. The Music. The Movie.